(We are currently CLOSED for submissions. Please check back to be informed when we open again.)

What We Want:

We are a semi-annual zine interested in Extreme Horror, Splatterpunk, Bizarro, LGBTIQ+, Pornorotica (yes, we made that up, but you know what we mean!), freaky fantasy worlds and futures, ridiculous mash-ups, or anything just plain weird.

Dark, twisted, and disturbing stories that push the envelope and explore the far reaching limits of the unnerving side of humanity. The things that people won’t talk about in polite company. The things that we all think about but refuse to acknowledge. Bring it to the light, let us look at it directly in the eye, and if we like what we see, we want it.

What We Don’t Want:

Don’t mistake permissiveness for blithe acceptance. We don’t want your gross-out rape fantasies, sick fuck bullshit unless there’s a good reason for it. We want art!

Length/Payment/Legal Stuff:

We’re interested in a wide range of lengths, from 1,000 word flash pieces up to 7,500 words. We would also be willing to accept longer stories on a case-by-case basis. A token payment of $10 will be issued upon publication. Be aware if you publish with us that any future submission of your story to another publication will be as a reprint, which can hurt its future value. We retain worldwide one-time publishing rights and one-time reprint rights on your story for both electronic and print. Rights revert to the author a year after publication.

We do not accept previously published stories. Simultaneous submissions are fine as long as we are made aware if the story is accepted elsewhere. Multiple submissions are accepted as well, provided that you let us know and do not send more than three stories at the same time.

Send your submissions as attachments to in either .doc/.docx or .rtf format following the standard manuscript format. We hope to hear from you!

- H. J. Bartels & A. Fletcher Harper